Every team needs to take a step back to be able to look at the operation and relation issues.
The low lever of tension depends on that: it can be achieved and maintained. Not only does it reinforce cohesion and coherence, but also the efficiency of each member of the team.

See article: “When cooks fight, roast burns.” (Chinese proverb)

Based on an assessment of the level of tension from 1 to 10 (10 = “war” in the team), the ODeF Institute offers tailor made Team Coaching:

The team is doing well … level of tension from 1 to 3 


…to periodically adjust the way the Team works and regenerate it   

  • To maintain, anchor and reinforce the good health of the Team
  • To prevent tensions from arising
  • To enrich the collaborative atmosphere
  • To increase individual as well as collective efficiency

The Team is unstable and tense… level of tension from 4 to 6 

Team Building

… to stabilize and build   

  • to decrease tensions
  • to rekindle constructive communication and, thus, improve the relation to others
  • to clarify the Team functioning (operation and relation)
  • to solve and transform problems
  • to anchor back individual and collective ressources
  • to renew perspectives

Conflicts are frequent … level of tension from 7 to 10

Team Mediation

… to prevent or get out of conflicts or crisis   

  • to reduce tensions
  • to reopen direct and respectful communication ways
  • to reset collective intelligence
  • to significantly improve team work atmosphere
  • to find new options to set up, acceptable or satisfying for everyone
  • to renew collaboration
  • to revitalise team perspectives


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