Every team needs to step back, in terms of relationships, operations and strategies. The level of tensions depends on it. A step back will help maintaining a low level of conflictual tensions. Such a low level renforces not only cohesion and coherence of the team, but also its efficiency.

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After evaluating the Level of Conflictual Tensions out of 10 (10 = “war” within the team), Institut ODeF offers taylor-made Teams Facilitation.



Tensions prevail …
Level of conflictual tension between 7 and 10

Team Mediation

… transforming conflicts in renewed opportunities   

Produces an alternative to prevailing conflicts and/or opens the way out of a crisis, by (re)opening constructive communication channels, unraveling conflicts and striving to develop acceptable and effective options together.

Team sessions, plus individual or group sessions if necessary.

The team is unsteady and tense
Level of conflictual tensions between 4 and 6


…restabilizing and rebuilding

Readjusts and strengthens the team by rooting down a constructive atmosphere, clarifying together various aspects of team rules and team work, transforming its difficulties, problems and tensions in a creative and stimulating way.

The team is fine and doing wellLevel of conflictual tensions between 0 and 3


…readjusting and renewing the team’s functioning

Prevents difficulties and increases team efficiency, by maintaining its assets, making good use of its achievements, improving what gave rise to “hiccups”, and by creating new and exciting perspective together. 


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