The Institute ODeF in a nutshell …

The Institute ODeF was created in 1994 and it’s name originates in the abbreviation of the French expressions « Ouvertures, Développement, Formation » (Opening, Development, Training).

The Institute ODeF is the Swiss training centre specialised in Humanistic Psychodrama / Action Methods based on J.L. Moreno method and as such a member of the FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations).

The professional trainer & coach at the Institute use this methodology for training, coaching and teambuilding sessions in public as well as private sector, at Colleges and Universities to enhance the development of relational skills in the professional environment.

What do we do ?

Coming both with a psychological and managerial background, our trainers organise:

  • Within companies: tailor-made professional training and team coaching
  • At the Institute: different activities of coaching, supervision and training seminars for professional or personal development for all professionals

How do we do it ?

The Action Methods are at the cornerstone of all our activities.

Rather than just « talk about it», the training themes chosen consist of « acting » and « practicing » to enhance efficiency and increase the energy level.

What frame of mind ?

Our work is based on what we believe to be key values as there is:

  • Trust in the potential of everyone
  • Respect the other and their personal and professional environment
  • Actively listen and show empathy
  • Be clear in your communication

For whom ?

From individuals to companies, we provide services to a large public to enhance the development of:

  • any person and his/her capacities
  • any professional wanting to develop relational skills
  • any team or the group looking to establish constructive relationships
  • any company interested in harmonising our way to be, to think and to act in order to increase efficiency.