Together with you, we design specific trainings for your collaborators.


Our main expertise fields

Manage Team Dynamics

 … to promote cohesion and action   

  • being aware of the dimension task and relation
  • understanding the stages of a team
  • identifying individual and collective needs to be addressed
Become a Manager-Coach

… to help solving problems

  • asking good questions
  • empowering collaborators
  • pricing and developing the team
Change Management

… to keep making sens until follow up

  • analysing and accompanying through the 3 steps of progress
  • establishing the roles of facilitator and change manager
  • taking into consideration the changing balances at stake in the process
Manage Difficult Interactions

… to prevent and manage tensions   

  • detecting the components of complex and conflictual situations
  • understand the relation dynamics at stake and position yourself
  • set up and adjust different stratégies for prevention and resolution
Speaking in Public

… to captivate your audience

  • mentally preparing yourself
  • managing public speaking techniques
  • managing your audience
  • producing the desired impact
Manage the Art of Feedback

… to build using feedback   

  • identifying your own talents and contribution to the team
  • using everyone skills at best
  • highlighting key success factors for a team
  • organise team work with more flexibility


The feedback

  • on one hand, informs the other about the image I have of them
  • and on the other hand, shows the other what kind of “mirror” I am !
Using Emotional Intelligence

… to strengthen professionnal relationships

  • determining what are our emotions and those of the others, their functions and the internal movements they can produce
  • taming your emotions, taking them into consideration and manage them
  • developing emotional ease in your professional environment
Learn Self-Marketing

… to highlight your skills  

  • understanding the process and tools of Self-Marketing
  • identifying your professional and personal area of improvement
  • working on self-audit to identify obstacles
  • build a strategic plan and set up the Self-Marketing plan
Personal Training

2-3 professionals specialised in different and complementary fields just for you

Coaching or training individual intensive and personalised formula, when you want to:

  • elaborate a new image
  • conduct your management team in Teamworking mode
  • be a motivating manager
  • process difficult situations : tensions, change, conflicts
  • shift from solo leader to team leader

We design with you the trainings you need

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