Our professional philosophy

For us, ODeF Members, defining our deontology is highlighting the core values that are the foundations of our professional practice and unite us.

Our trainings and coaching are anchored on:

a vision of the human being defined by J.L. Moreno as

  • an inter-acting person
  • within their social and group system
  • adjusting their different roles issued from their private and professional life
  • who can rely on their own resources

a relational climate inspired by Carl R. Rogers based on:

  • trust in the potential of everyone and all
  • respect of the individual, the team and the company
  • active listening, empathy
  • clarity in communicating (congruence)

All our trainers are trained in Action Methods and apply this nearly centenary methodology in all of their activities.

Thus, instead of simply being “talked about”, the selected training objectives are “enacted”, “put into practice” and being “exercised” in a safe environment, for better efficiency and more dynamics.